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Who we are?

The International Literary and Artistic Association (ALAI) is a learned independent society, completely dedicated to probing legal intricacies surrounding the safeguarding of creative individuals' interests. Authors' and performing artists' rights are firmly entrenched in bedrock human rights.


Founded in 1878 by the French luminary Victor Hugo, ALAI was conceived to herald the global acknowledgment of authors' legal safeguards, facilitating the broad dissemination of works to enrich humanity's collective heritage. Since the landmark adoption of the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works in the late 19th century, ALAI has maintained a pivotal role in shaping international legal paradigms concerning copyright and performers' rights, convening congresses and study sessions dedicated to the nuanced exploration of  copyright's multifaceted dimensions.


ALAI's overarching mission extends beyond legal matters to championing creativity by safeguarding creators' moral and economic rights—a commitment completely aligned with 

Article 27(2) of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Notably, ALAI refrains from advocating for individual authors or aligning with corporate interests, functioning instead as an inclusive, broad-based entity that warmly welcomes diverse perspectives from its global array of national groups and individual members. Spanning academia and university professors, researchers, legal practitioners, creative professionals, and governmental realms, among others, its membership base reflects a rich tapestry of backgrounds and experiences.


ALAI extends an open invitation to all those interested in engaging in the ongoing dialogue surrounding authors' and performers' rights, with an unwavering commitment to seeking equitable solutions in an ever-evolving landscape.


In its 2024 edition, the Chilean group has the privilege of hosting the annual ALAI congress. This underscores ALAI International's profound universal mission, which extends to even the southernmost country in the Americas, and its robust dedication to the global dissemination of copyright and related rights knowledge.

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