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Saturday excursion 


Isla Negra Pablo Neruda's museum house with lunch at Nobel.

We will depart from your hotel at 09:00 AM to travel to the central coast. Our journey will take us through beautiful green valleys known for cultivating a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. Our first stop will be Isla Negra, home to one of the most charming houses of the Chilean poet, diplomat, and politician, Pablo Neruda. This house is a treasure in itself, known for its originality and stunning views of the Pacific Ocean. Built to resemble a ship, everything within it is reminiscent of the sea.

Inside, it houses the wonders Neruda collected over decades in his final refuge: masks, figureheads, giant butterflies, exotic shells, childhood toys, and various other unique curiosities that are truly worth seeing. After the visit, we will enjoy a nice lunch at Nobel Restaurant. Nobel Restaurant is renowned for its warm atmosphere and delectable seafood dishes, perfectly complementing the coastal ambiance of Isla Negra. The restaurant offers a delightful array of fresh seafood options, ensuring a satisfying culinary experience amidst the poetic inspiration of Pablo Neruda's beloved home.

Finally, after a delightful day exploring the central coast and its cultural and culinary delights, we will return to your hotel.

Duration: 10 hrs approx. 

Pick-Up Time: 09:00 AM

Altitude:  240 masl 

Difficulty: Low

Includes: Private Transport, Spanish/English or French Speaking Guide, Entrance Fee, Lunch at Nobel Restaurant

Recommendation:  Jacket and water

Price: USD 170 per person (Price based 40 people)

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