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Colchagua valley -  Full day tour.

Your tour starts with a comfortable pickup from your hotel, leading you south from Santiago along the renowned Pan-American Highway. Journey through Chile's vibrant countryside, celebrated for its prolific fruit and vegetable production, toward the esteemed Colchagua Valley. 

This valley, a slender and fertile strip of land, stretches from the Andes Mountains to the Pacific Ocean and is historically steeped in winemaking. With over 15 vineyards, it's renowned for producing a diverse array of red wines, including Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Carménère, Syrah, and Malbec. 


Montes Vineyard: Your adventure begins at the Montes Vineyard, where you'll partake in the "Icon Tour and Tasting." This tour takes you through the vineyard's scenic landscapes, offering panoramic views of the Apalta Valley. You'll explore the winemaking process of their "Premium and Ultra-Premium" wines, including a visit to the barrel room for a tasting of three select wines. The tour concludes in the wine shop, where you have the opportunity to purchase unique wines or gifts. Santa Cruz Vineyard: Next, you'll visit the Santa Cruz Vineyard, a place where the art of winemaking and wine tourism converge beautifully. Thanks to its varied soils and climates, the vineyard produces wines with distinct characteristics, catering to a wide range of preferences among wine enthusiasts. 

Following your visit to Santa Cruz, you'll be treated to lunch at a local Restaurant. This dining experience offers a delightful culinary journey, complementing the day's wine tastings with dishes that showcase the region's local flavors. 


Colchagua Museum: The final stop on your tour is the Colchagua Museum in Santa Cruz. Established in 1995 by the Cardoen Foundation, this museum houses a fascinating collection of artifacts that narrate the history and evolution of the region and beyond. It's a journey back in time, providing context to the day's experiences and celebrating Chile's rich cultural heritage. This full-day excursion to the Colchagua Valley is a meticulously curated blend of winemaking tradition, culinary delight, and historical exploration. It promises a comprehensive experience that not only highlights the best of Chilean wine but also immerses you in the cultural and historical tapestry of the region.


Duration: 11 hrs approx. 

Pick-Up Time: 08:30 AM

Altitude:  364 masl 

Difficulty: Low

Includes: Private Transport, Spanish/English Speaking Guide, Wine Tasting in a Montes Winery (or similar) Lunch at Vino Bello Restaurant (or similar).

Recommendation:  Jacket and water

Price: USD 335 per person (Price based 7 people)

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